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Footballer, Lee Collins was found hanging in his hotel room.

Yeovil town captain and defender, Lee Collins has died. He was found hanging in his hotel room, an inquest has heard.

The English footballer was discovered at the Lanes Hotel in West Coker, near Yeovil, on wednesday, March 31.

An inquest into the 32 year olds death was opened and adjourned by Tony Williams, a senior coroner for Somerset, during a hearing in Tauton.

in a statement read to the court, coroner’s officer Ben Batley said Mr. Collins from Newport, Gwent, was confirmed dead at the hotel on March 31.

‘Lee was a professional footballer with Yeovil Town Football Club’. Mr. Batley said.

‘It was identified that when Lee did not attend training on March 31 and after enquiries were made by several people at the hotel where he was staying, he was found hanging in his room.

‘Also admitted into evidence was an interm post-mortem report from Dr. Adams, pathologist at Yeovil District Hospital, confirming cause of death as 1a hanging – subject to blood analysis.

‘The coroner resolved that it will be necessary for further statements and reports to be obtained in respect of the circumstances of Lee’s death and the inquest was adjourned to an internal case management review on or before July 7,2021.

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